Niki and Quinn

Friday, August 12, 2011 - Posted by -Kel at 12:49 PM
I learned so much on my latest photo session.

Like the fact that the sun (even 9 o'clock, which most people think of as early) is not your friend when it comes to photography. Oh, the hot spots and shadows!

And 9 o'clock in the morning during the summer in Oklahoma is like visiting the mouth of Hell itself. I was sweating in places I didn't know were capable of sweating.

And finally I re-learned (is that a word?) that most 18 month old toddlers do not like strangers. See, the reason I had forgotten this fact is that my own son was never this way. To him, a stranger was just a new friend in the making.

So as we started, this adorable little blond boy wanted nothing to do with me. Every time I tried to get in for a shot he would start kicking and screaming in his little buggy, wanting Mommy to take him away. = (

I had to figure out a way to make friends. Apparently my giant blue bottle of water was WAY cooler than any old sippy cup that Mommy could provide. So I shared my water with him, and then convinced him to chase me down the sidewalk, running ahead and turning quickly to get the picture snapped.

It worked! And by the time we were finished, I actually got a wave, a "bye!" and a high five.  = )

So here are a few of my favorite shots. Isn't his Mommy gorgeous? She loves anything and everything that is 40's and 50's style vintage. I honestly believe she was a 1950's house wife in a former life.

I can't wait to see them again and get the whole family.