A Child's Wisdom

Friday, May 6, 2011 - Posted by -Kel at 6:31 AM
We were all sitting in the living room a couple of nights ago watching TV. Actually, Hubby and I were talking and Squirt was watching the TV when I heard him pipe up with "Mommy, you need that". I looked up at the TV to see a commercial for ROC anti-aging cream.

Hubby tried to stiffle his laughter while asking "Why does Mommy need that?"
"Well it's for wrinkles." said my very smart child.

I sat in the recliner trying to look as wounded as I felt. "You think Mommy has wrinkles?"

Then this child looked at me with his most serious face and said, "Don't you remember, Mommy? When we go swimming in Nana's pool your fingers and toes get all wrinkly."

You just can't argue with a child's logic.